E-Mailing Legislators Using the AZ People’s Lobbyist Website
By Jose Borrajero

Those of you who have visited the new legislature’s website at have very likely noted that it is not nearly as user friendly as the old version was. In fact, searching for most everything is downright annoying. But most important, it is impossible to send an email to more than one legislator at a time. If you want to contact a few legislators on the same subject you are either out of luck or in for a long session at your computer.
But don’t fret. Once again, the AZRRT has done the heavy lifting for you and made the process so simple that it will be very difficult to find an excuse for not contacting legislators when a request to do so is issued. Here is how it is done:

Sending Emails to all Legislators:
First, go to our website at On the home page that appears, scroll down a bit and look on the left hand side. You will see two buttons labeled “Email all House Members” and “Email all Senate Members”. If, for example you wish to send an email to all House Members, simply click on the button so labeled and, Walla! The Bcc. line of your default email program will be populated with the e-mail addresses of all House Members.

Sending Emails only to some legislators
Again, go to our website at On the home page that appears, hover your cursor over “AZ Legislature – ALIS”, but do not click. A dropdown menu will appear with four choices. Click on the one you want to use and then click on the button that appears. The Bcc line of your email program will be populated with the emails of the members of the group you chose.

Sending Emails only to Committee Members:
The system for this is different because there are so many committees:
First, open our committee file by clicking on


Second, scroll down until you find the committee that you wish to address.
Third, highlight the e-mail addresses for the members of that committee
Fourth, execute a copy and paste to the Bcc line of your e-mail program
Fifth, simply compose and send your message in the usual manner.

Some Tips on Sending Emails:
1. Always state your position very briefly on the Subject line. For example, “Support HBxxxx”, or “Oppose SBxxxx”
2. Provide supporting information in the body of your email, but remember that legislators very seldom get to read your emails. The lengthier the email, the less likely that it will be read.
3. State your case. Do not blast the legislator. The idea here is to convince him/her of your point of view. Save the fight for some other time.
4. Do not use templates or copy-and-paste schemes. Administrative assistants are experts at detecting this nonsense and will ignore them. Keep in mind that it has been the widespread use and abuse of these schemes that have caused legislators to discourage emails in general.
5. Do use your own words in stating your case. It is easier than you may think and the more you do it the easier it gets.