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SB1036 – empowerment scholarships; third-party administrator; repeal Senate Education 01/14/2020 ALLEN, S – Removes the requirement that the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) contract with a third-party administrator to manage Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs)

What is wrong with a private firm handling administration?

SB1082 – sex education; schools Senate Education 01/14/2020 ALLEN, S – Modifies requirements and prohibitions relating to sex education instruction including approval of curricula and parental notification and permission. Prohibits sex education instruction for pupils in kindergarten through grade 6. REMOVED FROM AGENDA    
SB1044 – veterans’ services; benefits counselors; appropriation Senate Transportation and Public Safety 01/15/2020 LIVINGSTON – Much needed veteran’s assistance outside of Maricopa County P-8-0-0    
SB1099 – tax deed land sales; proceeds Senate Finance 01/15/2020 MESNARD – After all the government agencies are paid their due, the balance goes back to the property owner P-9-0-1    
SB1100 – STO report; DOR; posting deadline Senate Finance 01/15/2020 MESNARD – Transparency in the operation of STO’s (school tuition organizations) P-8-0-2    
SB1061-Schools; Parental rights; Posting


Senate Education 01/14/2020 ALLEN, S – Directs the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to post a statutory handbook of parental rights on its website and requires schools to provide a link on their websites. P-9-0-0    
HB2306 – elections; counting center; electronic adjudication. House Elections 01/21/2020 TOWNSEND – Outlines the conditions that apply when the Board of Supervisors authorizes the use of an electronic vote adjudication feature. Serious concerns have been expressed regarding conflicts with other statutes and move away from paper ballots P-10-0-0    
SB1058 – independent educational evaluations Senate Education 01/21/2020 ALLEN, S – Allows disability evaluation of children by agencies outside the education providers, if certain criteria are met NO ACTION    
SB1060 – special education; group B weights Senate Education 01/21/2020 ALLEN, S – Increases group B support level weights for special education funding categories. Appropriates $5,000,000 from the state General Fund to the Extraordinary Special Education Needs Fund (Extraordinary Needs Fund). P-9-0-0    
SB1084 – average daily membership; homeschool students Senate Education 01/21/2020 ALLEN, S – Includes a homeschool student who is enrolled in a single course in the average daily membership (ADM) calculation. HELD    
HB2084 – international boundary wall; building permits House Federal Relations 01/22/2020 PETERSEN – Makes it easier to build the wall on private land P-4-3-0    
HB2092 – federal government; land acquisition; consent House Federal Relations 01/22/2020 FINCHEM – Need permission from state for the

Fed. Govmt. To remove acquired land from property tax rolls.

HB2036 – fentanyl; heroin; carfentanil; mandatory sentencing House Judiciary 01/22/2020 PIERCE – Mandatory sentencing for certain drug offenses. No room for judge to use discretion P-6-4-0    
HB2031 – school marshals; requirements; training House Public Safety 01/22/2020 FILLMORE – Arms some school employees to deter school shootings HELD    
HB2099 – property tax; mobile homes; delinquency House Ways & Means 01/22/2020 GRIFFIN – Treats some mobile homes as real property even if an affidavit of affixture has not been filed HELD    
SB1125 – ASRS eligibility; waiting period Senate Finance 01/22/2020 LIVINGSTON –  Reduces the length of time before a state employee initially hired on or after October 1, 2020, must become a member of the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS). This makes no sense. The current 27 week waiting period is consistent with sound retirement plans P-10-0-0    
SB1025 – AHCCCS; chiropractic care; report Senate Health and Human Services 01/22/2020 BROPHY-MCGEE – Adds chiropractic care to covered procedures, with some limitations. Same as house bill HB2052 P-7-0-1    
SB1027 – informed consent; pelvic examinations. Senate Health and Human Services 01/22/2020 CARTER – Prohibits pelvic exams without consent of patient, with few common sense exceptions. Same as house bill HB2051 P-8-0-0    
SB1028 – DHS; enhanced surveillance; public health Senate Health and Human Services 01/22/2020 CARTER – Too vague. Gives the Governor way too much unchecked power to declare “emergencies”. NONE    
HB2051 – informed consent; pelvic examinations House Health & Human Services 01/23/2020 BARTO – Prohibits pelvic exams without consent of patient, with few common sense exceptions. Same as senate bill SB1027 P-9-0-0    
HB2052 – AHCCCS; chiropractic care; report. House Health & Human Services 01/23/2020 BARTO – Adds chiropractic care to covered procedures, with some limitations. Same as senate bill SB1025 P-9-0-0    
SB1013 – DCS; missing children; report Senate Judiciary 01/23/2020 FARNSWORTH, D – Requires that confidential report be issued to leaders of House, Senate and governor NONE    
SB1020 – ballot measures; proposition 105; disclosure Senate Judiciary 01/23/2020 UGENTI-RITA – Requires that ballot initiatives and referenda include notice that once enacted, these measures are virtually impossible to reverse, per Prop 105 (1998) P-4-3-0    
SB1047 – class III gaming; revenue distribution Senate Judiciary 01/23/2020 BORRELLI – 40% to DPS, 40% K-12. The rest divided among other recipients. HELD    
SB1092 – early ballot delivery; identification; attestation Senate Judiciary 01/23/2020 UGENTI-RITA – Early voters must comply with identification and attestation requirements NONE    
SB1135 – elections; counting center; electronic adjudication Senate Judiciary 01/23/2020 FARNSWORTH, E – Outlines the conditions that apply when the Board of Supervisors authorizes the use of an electronic vote adjudication feature. Serious concerns have been expressed regarding conflicts with other statutes and move away from paper ballots      
SB1061 – schools; parental rights; posting


Senate Education 01/14/2020 ALLEN, S –  Directs the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to post a statutory handbook of parental rights on its website and requires schools to provide a link on their websites. P-9-0-0    
HB2271 – appropriation; dual enrollment courses; eligibility House Education 01/27/2020 UDALL – Appropriates $5,000,000 from the state General Fund (GF) in FY 2021 to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to pay the tuition costs for up to 12 credit hours of dual enrollment courses for eligible high school juniors and seniors.

Initially this bill was given a Y recommendation, but further evaluation has revealed serious concerns about illegal aliens being eligible.

HB2438 – college credit by examination; appropriations House Education 01/27/2020 UDALL – State taxpayer moneys to help poor students pay for the cost of the exams P-6-5-0    
HB2684 – crisis management team; underperforming districts House Education 01/27/2020 UDALL – Directs the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to establish a crisis management team to intervene and recommend necessary changes for persistently underperforming school districts that meet specific criteria P-10-0-0    
 HCR2001 – English language education; requirements House Education 01/27/2020 FILLMORE – Repeals and modifies, upon voter approval, statutes pertaining to English language learner (ELL) instruction in public schools. Eliminates one of the best tools for English learners, total immersion in English. P-10-1-0   HCR2001, if approved by voters, will trash Prop 203(2000) and all the statutes it generated, reverting AZ back to the days of bilingual education for English learners. Bilingual education has failed every time it has been tried, but it is great for generating need for additional personnel.

To her credit, Barto (LD15) voted NO

SB1130 – auditor general; continuation. Senate Government 01/27/2020 GRAY – Continues the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) for 10 years.

This is a housekeeping bill, generally not worthy of attention, but this office is very important, so we must be sure it is continued

HB2304 – federal only ballots; paper; tabulation House Elections 01/28/2020 TOWNSEND – Anti shenanigans bill. Keeps federal only ballots separate from regular ballots. HELD    
HB2364 – election law amendments House Elections 01/28/2020 TOWNSEND – This is basically a housekeeping bill, very important only because it deals with elections P-10-0-0    
HB2252 – land management; federal regulations; nullification House Federal Relations 01/29/2020 BLACKMAN – “This state declares that all regulations imposed in this state by the united states bureau of land management or any other federal agency before, on or after July 1, 2020 are void and of no effect in this state”

Not likely that the feds will stand for this, but it may be worth a try.

HB2631 – PSPRS; local boards; duties; consolidation House Government 01/30/2020 BLACKMAN – Lots of language pertaining to changes, but most of it in the housekeeping category. Includes some consolidation of local boards as a cost saving measure P-10-0-0    
HB2287 – common school districts; unification; budget House Education 02/03/2020 OSBORNE – Mostly accounting and housekeeping. Allows a recently formed school district to continue to operate until high school is built P-13-0-0    
HB2448 – public schools; innovation plans House Education 02/03/2020 UDALL – Establishes requirements and approval and evaluation procedures for public school innovation plans. Language is too vague. NONE    
HB2310 – appropriation; military installation projects House Military & Veterans Affairs 02/03/2020 DUNN – Appropriates

$7 million for repair and restoration of military installation in Yuma County Why single out this military installation?

HB2313 – fire sprinklers; existing buildings; prohibition House Regulatory Affairs 02/03/2020 GRANTHAM – Can not impose code that was not in effect when building was built. Anti excessive regulation. Bringing to code should apply only when ownership is transferred P-4-3-0    
HB2359 – license denial prohibited; drug convictions House Regulatory Affairs 02/03/2020 TOMA – Too broad. Blanket application Some convicted drug dealers should not be operating in certain businesses or occupations. P-7-0-0    
HB2389 – public nuisance; noise; evidence House Regulatory Affairs 02/03/2020 TOWNSEND – Requires scientifically measured noise level. It would be expensive to equip enough cops with sound measuring devices. Loudness is not the only measure of nuisance noise. Impractical P-5-1-0    
SB1012 – executive session; school safety plans Senate Government 02/03/2020 BORRELLI – It makes sense to keep safety plans confidential. Should not give an edge to potential wrong doers P-7-0-0    
SB1030 – emergency response plans; executive session Senate Government 02/03/2020 CARTER – Emergency response plans should not be divulged to the public P-7-0-0    
SB1042 – executive sessions; security plans Senate Government 02/03/2020 BORRELLI – Security plans should be kept confidential P-7-0-0    
SB1089 – public records requests; contact information Senate Government 02/03/2020 LEACH – Common sense housekeeping of how public records are handled P-5-2-2    
HB2642 – civil rights; amendments House Commerce 02/04/2020 WENINGER – Women disabled as the result of pregnancy must be treated the same way as any other disability with a comparable inability to do the work P-9-0-0    
HB2268 – election complaints; attorney general House Elections 02/04/2020 TOWNSEND – Makes it easier for citizens to report and get action on election irregularities HELD    
SB1122 – school consolidation elections; majority vote Senate Education 02/04/2020 ALLEN, S – Eases the voter requirement, thereby making it easier for districts to consolidate. NONE    
SB1224 – empowerment scholarships; qualified schools; reservations Senate Education 02/04/2020 ALLEN, S – Allows a qualified student who resides on an Indian reservation to use Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) monies to attend a nongovernmental school located in an adjacent state within two miles of the reservation boundary NONE    
SB1357 – schools; access; instructional materials; review Senate Education 02/04/2020 ALLEN, S – Important parental rights bill. Enables parents to know all the instructional materials that are used. P-5-4-0   Brophy-McGee (LD28) only R to vote NO. All D’s voted NO
HB2111 – schools; resources; services; consolidation grants House Appropriations 02/05/2020 UDALL – Establishes a five-year resource and service consolidation grant program conducted by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and appropriates monies for the grant program. P-12-0-0    
HB2406 – state treasurer; financial services House Appropriations 02/05/2020 COBB – This is a housekeeping bill P-10-0-0    
HCR2008 – school finance; payment deferrals; prohibition House Appropriations 02/05/2020 PETERSEN – Constitutional amendment subject to voter approval. Main text:  the legislature may not defer a payment to a school district that is scheduled by law to be made in one fiscal year to the next fiscal year. P-6-4-0    
HB2604 – consular identification cards; permitted use House State & International Affairs 02/05/2020 RIVERO – Bad bill. Does not limit for what purpose this identification may be used. As written, the use is unlimited P-5-4-0   Rivero (LD21) only R to vote yes. All other R’s voted no, all D’s voted yes
HB2442 – highway safety fee repeal House Transportation 02/05/2020 BIASIUCCI – Eliminates that pesky fee this year instead of next. P-5-4-0    
HB2494 – internal revenue code; conformity House Ways & Means 02/05/2020 TOMA – Establishes conformity with federal code – Same as SB1296 P-7-0-0    
SB1296 – internal revenue code; conformity. Senate Finance 02/05/2020 MESNARD – Establishes conformity with federal code – Same as HB2494 P-8-0-2    
SB1397 – insurance; preexisting condition exclusions; prohibition Senate Finance 02/05/2020 MESNARD – Covering preexisting conditions means higher premium for everyone. However, this is a necessary evil in today’s world P-9-0-0    
SB1398 – tax omnibus Senate Finance 02/05/2020 MESNARD – Long, complicated bill dealing with fuel and property taxes. Lots of support among R legislators. Do we trust that they are doing the right thing? P-6-3-1    
SB1489 – individual income tax; rate adjustment Senate Finance 02/05/2020 MESNARD – Income tax break based on a formula that takes into account a limit to tax increases according to inflation and population growth. P-6-3-1    
SB1015 – medical marijuana; pesticide use Senate Health and Human Services 02/05/2020 BORRELLI – If we must have medical marihuana, we might as well make it as safe as possible.. P-5-3-0    
HB2598 – sanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action House Government 02/06/2020 ROBERTS – Cities are liable if illegal aliens commit crimes if the city did not enforce immigration laws. NONE    
HB2653 – county stadium districts; annual budget House Government 02/06/2020 THORPE – Stadium districts must hold public hearings before amending budget P-11-0-0    
SB1032 – early voting; signature required; notice Senate Judiciary 02/06/2020 UGENTI-RITA – the ballot will not be counted without the voter’s signature on the envelope. P-4-3-0    
SB1300 – mobile polling places; compliance Senate Judiciary 02/06/2020 LEACH – Mobile polling places must comply with the same requirements as fixed building polling places P-7-0-0    
SCR1018 – independent redistricting commission; population standards Senate Judiciary 02/06/2020 MESNARD – Constitutional amendment to be taken to the voters for approval. Even out districts so that, “the population of the largest legislative district by population shall not exceed the population of the smallest legislative district by population by more than five thousand persons” P-4-3-0    
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