170211-2240 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION

170211-2240 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION Upcoming action on bills we are following. It is impossible for most people to respond to all of them. Simply choose those bills that are most important to you and phone or email with your “yes” or “no” opinion, depending on your wishes. If bill is in committee, use

HB2095, HB2097, HCR2006, HB2017, SB1021, HB2013, HB2019, HB2027 Action Alert

WHY USE “REQUEST TO SPEAK” TESTIMONY AT COMMITTEE HEARINGS: Only communication that becomes part of the official record Legislators can ignore phone calls and emails, but not committee testimony This year we’ve made is easier than ever for you to use the system and let your voice be heard The following table contains bills scheduled