170413-1630 – AZRRT REPORT

170413-1630 – AZRRT REPORT   FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/azrrt   TWITTER  www.twitter.com/azrrt1 E-MAIL joseb4538@gmail.com AZ CENTRAL HEADLINE REGARDING SB1123: Governor Ducey Signs Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying […]

170407-1200 – AZRRT REPORT

170407-1200 – AZRRT REPORT  FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/azrrt   TWITTER www.twitter.com/azrrt1 E-MAIL joseb4538@gmail.com HIGHLIGHT: Parental Choice in Education bill, SB1431, passed narrowly in […]

170323-1735 – AZRRT REPORT

170323-1735 – AZRRT REPORT  Faceboook www.facebook.com/azrrt  Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1 E-mail joseb4538@gmail.com HIGHLIGHTS: HB2212 was killed by the Senate Gang of Three Republicans Voting As […]

170312-0700 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION

170312-0700 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION   Facebook www.facebook.com/azrrt   Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1   e-mail joseb4538@gmail.com Upcoming action on bills we are tracking. It is impossible for […]

170310-0600 – AZRRT REPORT

170310-0600 – AZRRT REPORT   e-mail joseb4538@gmail.com -THE SENATE GANG OF 3 STRIKES AGAIN. Brophy-McGee, Pratt, and Worsley joined Democrats again to […]

170303-1210 – AZRRT REPORT

170303-1210 – AZRRT REPORT  Facebook  www.facebook.com/azrrt   Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1    E-MAIL joseb4538@gmail.com Want to learn more about how the legislative process works? To […]

170227-1100 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION

170227-1100 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION   Facebook www.facebook.com/azrrt     Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1 Email joseb4538@gmail.com NOTE: At the AZRRT we generally ignore bills dealing […]

170224-1045 – AZRRT REPORT

170224-1045 – AZRRT REPORT  Facebook www.facebook.com/azrrt     Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1 Email joseb4538@gmail.com NOTE: A voting pattern is emerging. Most Democrats have been voting consistently […]

170218-0710 – AZRRT REPORT

170218-0710 – AZRRT REPORT The following table contains the results of recent votes. Make a note of this information because […]