170413-1630 – AZRRT REPORT

170413-1630 – AZRRT REPORT   FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/azrrt   TWITTER  www.twitter.com/azrrt1 E-MAIL joseb4538@gmail.com AZ CENTRAL HEADLINE REGARDING SB1123: Governor Ducey Signs Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Ban Into Law.   PERHAPS NOT QUITE ACCURATE, AZ CENTRAL: A close reading of SB1123 seems to indicate that taxpayer-funded lobbying remains alive and well, since the ban applies only to contracted lobbyists, not to

170407-1200 – AZRRT REPORT

170407-1200 – AZRRT REPORT  FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/azrrt   TWITTER www.twitter.com/azrrt1 E-MAIL joseb4538@gmail.com HIGHLIGHT: Parental Choice in Education bill, SB1431, passed narrowly in both chambers in spite of several Republican legislators joining Democrats in an effort to defeat it. According to a House Press Release this morning, Gov. Ducey has signed SB1431 into law. REPUBLICANS WHO JOINED DEMOCRATS

170323-1735 – AZRRT REPORT

170323-1735 – AZRRT REPORT  Faceboook www.facebook.com/azrrt  Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1 E-mail joseb4538@gmail.com HIGHLIGHTS: HB2212 was killed by the Senate Gang of Three Republicans Voting As Democrats, Brophy-McGee (LD28), Pratt (LD8), and Worsley (LD25). HB2212 would have required state agencies to disclose how much funding they receive from the federal government. HB2212 had narrowly passed in the House when four Republicans

170312-0700 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION

170312-0700 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION   Facebook www.facebook.com/azrrt   Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1   e-mail joseb4538@gmail.com Upcoming action on bills we are tracking. It is impossible for most people to respond to all of them. Simply choose those bills that are most important to you and phone or email with your “yes” or “no” opinion, depending on your wishes. If bill is

170310-0600 – AZRRT REPORT

170310-0600 – AZRRT REPORT   e-mail joseb4538@gmail.com -THE SENATE GANG OF 3 STRIKES AGAIN. Brophy-McGee, Pratt, and Worsley joined Democrats again to defeat a good bill. This time it was SB1279, Grant’s Law. -The following table contains the results of recent votes on bills we are tracking. This information could be very valuable at election time, to

170303-1210 – AZRRT REPORT

170303-1210 – AZRRT REPORT  Facebook  www.facebook.com/azrrt   Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1    E-MAIL joseb4538@gmail.com Want to learn more about how the legislative process works? To check out two fine publications by the AZ Legislature, click on the link FROM BILL TO LAW . The following table contains the results of recent votes on bills we are tracking. This information could

170227-1100 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION

170227-1100 – AZRRT CALL TO ACTION   Facebook www.facebook.com/azrrt     Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1 Email joseb4538@gmail.com NOTE: At the AZRRT we generally ignore bills dealing with 2nd amendment issues because the AZCDL does such a great job with those issues that our involvement would only create a duplication of effort. But these are extremely important issues, so please make sure

170224-1045 – AZRRT REPORT

170224-1045 – AZRRT REPORT  Facebook www.facebook.com/azrrt     Twitter www.twitter.com/azrrt1 Email joseb4538@gmail.com NOTE: A voting pattern is emerging. Most Democrats have been voting consistently according to their liberal principles. Some Republicans have been joining Democrats. Here are some examples: BILL # BRIEF DESCRIPTION REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS THAT VOTED WITH DEMOCRATS THIS WEEK SB1021 SERVICE ACCESS CARDS CAN NOT BE USED