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The 2017 session will not officially open until Monday, but already there are 44 House bills and 31 Senate bills introduced, for a total of 75.

The following chart contains the bills we are tracking, including the legislators that introduced them and our opinion. Please e-mail legislators using the method described in #1 above. Give your opinion, which, as usual, may agree or disagree with ours.

As of today, ALIS/RTS is not available to render committee hearing opinions.

HB2001 school district tax levy; retention CARTER BAD
HB2011 bonds; levy; net of cash UGENTI GOOD
HB2013 newspapers; public notices; publication FINCHEM GOOD
HB2017 bonds; disclosure; notice LEACH GOOD
HB2019 community college bonds; voter approval LEACH GOOD
HCR2001 state education board; membership; superintendents FINCHEM GOOD
HCR2002 repeal 1998 proposition 105 UGENTI ???????
SB1019 public records; unduly burdensome requests KAVANAUGH BAD
SCR1001 state education board; membership; superintendents. BORRELLI SENATE VERSION OF HCR2001

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